Data Breach Cases

Security breaches of data are a growing form of cybercrime in California. California has one of the highest data breach rates in the country. Commonly referred to as data breaches, the sensitive, confidential or protected information that is often stolen includes credit card and banking information, health records and Social Security numbers.

Data breaches can be devastating because they happen quickly, silently and within seconds valuable personal information can be transmitted to countries across the planet. Although the majority of data breaches take place in a retail setting, they take place anywhere.

Anyone doing business in California has an obligation to protect a consumer's personal information. If inadequate security measures from a business or individual's recklessness or carelessness have resulted in a loss for individuals, the Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes can pursue a privacy violation lawsuit against them. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation with a Los Angeles cyber lawyer to discuss your case.

California's Breach Notification Law

In an effort to protect consumers from data breaches, California enacted a data breach notification law that went into effect in 2003. The law requires businesses to notify consumers anytime they have reason to believe that an individual's unencrypted personal information may have been appropriated by an unauthorized person. Breaches affecting more than 500 people must be reported to the California Attorney General's Office.

In 2014, this law was expanded to require businesses to notify consumers anytime their online passwords were stolen. In January 2015, an additional protection went into effect, requiring businesses that were the sources of the lost information to provide victims with identity theft mitigation services and information on how to prevent identity theft moving forward.

Talk About Your Privacy Violation Claim With Our Attorneys

Having your identity stolen is very stressful. It can take years to clear up the damage from a data breach. If you believe you have been a victim of a data breach theft, talk to our cyber attorneys about how we can help. Call the Law Offices of Kevin T. Barnes directly at 323-302-9675. You may also reach us online.